A Creative Holistic Approach to Wellness
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  Nutritional therapy is based on scientific and medical research which focuses on the bio-individuality of each person. A variety of non-invasive treatment tools are used to assess your nutritional status and deficiencies as well as uncover underlying causes of symptoms and detect dysfunctions that lead to poor health. Nutritional therapy is not about counting calories or creating a list of restrictions of good and bad foods. It is based on the 5 foundations of health. The approach to health and wellness is to first identify imbalances in any of these foundations and then treat to correct them.

Tegest is a certified nutritional therapist and a holistic health counselor, board certified by the AADP ( American Association of drugless practitioners) and the following describes her expertise.  

  • She has studied a unique foundational approach to nutrition to assess the nutritional requirements of each person.
  • Is trained in functional blood chemistry analysis and functional evaluation techniques to assess biochemical imbalances such as mineral deficiencies, blood sugar balance and digestive issues.
  • Offers' therapeutic dietary protocols for a variety of medical conditions based on a proven nutritional program that can safely treat one condition without worsening another.
  • She will assess your lifestyle, health history, biochemical makeup and ancestry when creating a personalized nutritional plan.   She will take into account at how all the areas of your life are connected, not just the foods you eat.


  The goals of this nutritional therapy and health coaching program is to dramatically improve your life and your body and to provide you with tools for a lifetime of balance.

(Nutritional therapists do not diagnose or claim to diagnose disease, but instead will give nutritional recommendations tailored to your specific needs that will not only enhance your health but will also help prevent illness.)

  To decide if nutritional therapy and health coaching is right for you
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