A Creative Holistic Approach to Wellness
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                                              3 Month Program Includes:
                                                         ($250 Value)
  • Receive three - 1 hour sessions monthly in person, by telephone or online.
  • A free evaluation and interpretation of your nutritional assessment questionnaire. 
  • Coaching to guide and support you to make dietary and lifestyle changes you want.
  • Recommendations of whole food based supplements and healthy food choices to target deficiencies in your body, prevent disease and maintain good health.
  • Completion of a neurotransmitter assessment to evaluate brain health. (NTAF)
  • Self Awareness questionnaire and physical indicators to determine other factors that may affect your overall functioning.
  • Symptom burden Survey in addition to the NAQ as needed.
  • Healthy recipe's that are easy and simple to prepare.
  • Ongoing e-mail support between sessions.

Individual Services Include:
(Please Call For Prices)     

  • Individualized Diet Plan/ Food Pharmacy (The final answer to, "What should I eat?")
  • Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis 
  • Nutritional Assessment (NAQ) 
Other Services Include:
  • Online consultations and education to individuals or groups on specific health
    related topics. (This is also available long distance)
  • Whole food supplements not available in local retail stores.
  • A variety of natural health products at a discount.

       Ask about our Special Link:
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                                                Special Offers Include:

    . Your nutritional assessment waived if you decide to sign up for the 3-month
.  Receive a free individual service for a 1 person referral that signs up with 
       Juice Plus.
    .  A 2 payment installment plan available for the 3 month program or a $30 dollar  
       discount for prepaying the full amount. If you choose the 2 installment payment
       plan, there will be a $15 dollar fee added to each payment. (Note: Second payment
       is due in 30 days. There will be no cancellation fee.)
$20 dollars off any individual service for every referral who signs up for
       the 3 month program.
    .  Payment via PayPal will be made available soon.



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