A Creative Holistic Approach to Wellness
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                     Please Share Your Testimonials

  "I was skeptical at first when I was told that I could have more energy and stamina by 'crowding out' junk food from my diet.  I also found out what foods to eat and foods to avoid. I've been gaining weight over the years by not watching what I eat and not paying any attention to my rising cholesterol levels.  I was first put on whole food supplements which helped to fill in the gap in my diet. I also learned how to tame my sugar cravings by replacing it with sweet vegetables and what my cravings really mean. I started to feel better eating foods on my specific dietary plan.  The health coaching I received helped me to understand that there are plenty of healthier alternative foods I can choose from without feeling deprived.  It wasn't long after that, I started to notice that I wasn't craving junk food and I had more energy.  In the process I gradually started to lose weight & I started to feel better. This health Journey has not only been educational but fun as well!"
Daniel F, Falls City WA

It was really hard for me to stay focused and on track with my health goals. I work nights and my eating habits were not the best. I was recommended two amazing healthy foods and drink choices for my busy lifestyle. Both products have been a life savor . Later I signed up with the special Link to the additional health product that has now become a daily routine for me. This is just the beginning and I am already feeling energized. I continue to receive coaching & support throughout my program and that has kept me inspired!"

C Schultz, Marysville WA

I just wanted to find out what my lab results mean and how to prepare wholesome foods on a budget. I wanted to know what to eat without feeling restricted. I've tried almost all the diets out there, but the results are very temporary.  I am also on blood pressure medications.  Recently I had a major stress in my life that made it impossible for me to eat healthy.  When I first contacted Divine health I decided to pick on the individual services tailored to my needs. I later signed up for health coaching.  Through this process I was able to identify some of the root causes of my unhealthy habits. The 'person centered' approach really helped me to discover who I really am, my bio-individual makeup including my potential. I hope to eventually get off my blood pressure medications with my continued exercise regimen and healthy eating habits.  What I like about divine health is that the approach is not to go against doctors orders, but to add to it, in a way that is supportive and informative.  I feel more in control of my health care plan and I agree that you don't have to kill the patient to cure the disease."
Stacy H, Vancouver WA

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